About us

iDiverse Export Consultants LLC is an international export consulting, global project management and marketing office. We provide tailor made solutions for more profits and a high impact export strategy. Our focus is mainly on entrepreneurs and small enterprises (women-owned, veteran-owned, military-owned and minority-owned).

We consciously maintain a hands-on relationship with our clients, and create an atmosphere of goal-oriented unity. We will do this by:

  • Exceeding all expectations
  • Bringing Value & Innovation to our customers
  • Partnering with them and understanding their business culture
  • Providing Honesty & Integrity

iDiverse will work on creating breakthroughs and transformations in your business, increasing profits and getting more international business partners/customers. We will get your business really aligned with your life's purpose in service to others, so you can play a much bigger game.

Our Services

Our services are customized to the needs of individual businesses to maximize their success and range from the assessment of a target market, the research of your potential foreign partners (agents, distributors or sales reps) and the setup of your own distribution network. Let us fast track your business to a new level! We consult, manage and get the job done.

Why Choose Us?

Increase sales, more profits thru consistent successful exports every time!

iDiverse will help increase your company sales by implementing exports strategy – without the struggle. We provide One-on-One personal service & VIP representation. With 96 percent of the world’s customers residing outside the United States of America, iDiverse Export Consultants LLC assist companies in becoming more profitable and we will work together to:

  • Save your company money while expanding sales
  • Manage the risk of doing business overseas
  • Forge commercial opportunities and advance commercial and trade relationships
  • Helps attract ideal clients and ideal business partners
  • Reduce dependence of the US domestic market and stabilize seasonal sales fluctuations
  • Expand your product/service brand overseas
  • Expand the company vision
  • Develop your key employee’s international business knowledge
  • Create new jobs due to export expansion
  • Help develop strategic relationships with business and governments representatives
  • Have more time and resources for you and your loves ones
  • And so much more…

Main Industries We Serve


Chemicals are generally used to make a wide variety of consumer goods and are also used in agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and service industries.

The chemical industry landscape is risky and may be difficult to navigate, however chemical companies are facing real opportunities. To take advantage of them, chemical outfits need to revisit their capabilities to differentiate themselves from competitors and reach greater profitability and improved performance.

Environmental & Remediation Services

Industry focus on technology in the are of Environment, Energy, Gas, Oil & Water.  Covers promotion of water management, environmental protection, energy efficiency through new technologies.  This industry is primarily engaged in (1) remediation and cleanup of contaminated mine sites, soil, or ground water; (2) demolition, soil remediation, waste water treatment, hazardous material removal, contouring land, and revegetation; and (3) toxic material abatement.


The Manufacturing sector comprises companies engaged in the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products. The assembling of component parts of manufactured products is also considered manufacturing.  Companies will become more profitable and able to supply other industries, such as agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining as well as products of other manufacturing establishments.

Medical Equipment and Services

Companies engaged in manufacturing medical equipment and supplies, surgical and medical instruments, surgical appliances and supplies, dental equipment and supplies, orthodontic goods, ophthalmic goods, dentures, and orthodontic appliances.

iDiverse is a minority and women owned certified company: SBE, DBE, WOSB, EDWOSB.